Moving to Baka-Tsuki

After much thought, a few posts on BT and the realization I am just so darn busy, I’ve decided to move base to BT.

There will be more readership and thus, hopefully, more translators.

Hoping to have this book finished, so i havent quit yet.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

I don’t know when I’ll get to updating again…/sigh…

Sorry about the lapse.

Well, I kinda need to apologize about the lapse. Raiderz came out and I was into that for a while, but then my second job started on the 15th of last month, and with that, my job at the bookstore and some editing on a translation job I was given by a company in late June, I have been kept fairly busy. I’m working around 55 hours a week with two jobs, trying to save for school, and it doesn’t leave too much time for much else, what with the exhaustion that comes with the long hours.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know I haven’t forgotten about the project, and do plan on continuing, it will probably just be another week or two before I can make any other updates.

I hope everything is going well for all of you out there, and just thanks for all the positive feedback and offers to help.

I’ll let you know as soon as I get some work done on this project.



Raiderz Closed Beta Test, Aug. 8th

Okay, so what have I been doing since there haven’t been any novel updates in a while, you wonder?

Well…aside from my job and applications/communicating with the school in Japan for my classes that should hopefully start in 8 months, I have found this game, Raiderz.

It is an action mmorpg, in the sense that you literally have to aim while attacking, and dodging is real-time. No targeting and spam mashing keys. I haven’t played a real online game in a long time, and I am looking forward to this very much.

If anyone else has heard of it, or will be playing it, did you know there is going to be an SAO (Sword Art Online) themed guild? Up to level 30, it will be hardcore style. If you die, then you are kicked from the guild. If you survive past 30, you will be one of the elites. A really interesting style of gameplay I must say.

So, if you are interested, I still have 2 CBT keys I can give away. But you shouldn’t need them, as mmorpg and other sites are still giving a few thousand away.

Hope to see some of you guys in-game!

(I’ll be working on my translations soon, too….have a plan, lol)

Mangaupdates, Grandmother and Job

So, I bet you are wondering what the title in this post means…here it is.

1) I have, as per a suggestion, put the Rain (novel) series up on Baka-Updates-Manga.

2) I helped my parents move my grandmother to TN from MI this past weekend, so I’m a little exhausted from all the driving and lifting.

3) I start work at Barnes and Noble (again…) Tomorrow, so I am really looking forward at starting a part-time job again to save for school.

Anyway, have a good day. (^_^)

Rain Volume 1 Ch. 0-4

First off, let me just say that I have added the image to the pdf file, and Chapter 4 is officially finished (that is, assuming I haven’t missed any spelling/grammar erros…)

Also, I received a request yesterday to upload the chapters somewhere else, because of issues opening them with the host I’m using.

Thus, I’ve decided to put them up on MediaFire.
So far, these are the chapters I’ve got.

Rain(v1), Prologue

Rain(v1), Chapter 1

Rain(v1), Chapter 2

Rain(v1), Chapter 3

Rain(v1), Chapter 4

Rain Volume 1 Chapter 4…100%

So, I’ve finished and uploaded Chapter 4, but still have to put the edited image in the pdf file.

Sorry it took so long!

Here is the link:

Rain Volume 1 Chapter 4……100%

Okay, so this is two days late…sorry guys. I still have to go through and edit the grammar and what-have-you, but the translation is finished.

I won’t give any dates yet, because I never seem to be able to keep them, but it definitely won’t be long before I have chapter 4 up and ready for you all.

Happy Reading!

Rain Volume 1 Chapter 4……84%

Okay, so here is today’s little update. Don’t have much to add…just that if this keeps up, chapter four should be out Thursday.

I guess what I can say, is that I’ve been busy looking for a job…(^_^)

Rain Volume 1 Chapter 4…74%

Okay, well here’s the deal…I didn’t do anything on Sunday…to much stuff going on…(>_<)

But, I did do the standard 10% today (12%, actually), so if that keeps up it will only take three more days to finish & edit this chapter.

So, sorry about the “fake” hope from the last post…it will still take until Thursday before I have an update out.

Hope you aren’t too depressed…(^_^)